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The Real...

       Heaven on Earth...

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The Adonai was founded in 1999, by the ascended Master Joanita and Silvio Molina, with the goal to create awareness, expand ascension consciousness and help people to grow into a soul-conscious transformation.


Since 1999, guided by ascended Master Dr Joshua David Stone, Lady Gaya and The Higher Spiritual Hierarchy Joanita and Silvio started building a Sacred place to anchor Gaya’s Ashram and 9th Light Ray Spiritual retreat on Earth.


Gaya’s Ashram was completed in 2014 and it is located in Campos do Jordão – São Paulo in an ecological reserve which preserves the beautiful nature that surrounds. Since then it's known as, ADONAI GAYA.


This sacred place has a Spiritual Temple to hold the 9 Spiritual Light Festivals of the year, a Sacred Circle to hold Gaya’s Rituals, and many sacred altars to inspire individuals to become right with self, find inner peace, grow soul consciousness, step into their divine nature and reach their evolutionary goal.


The ADONAI GAYA is dedicated to the establishment of a better way of life for everyone in the world based on the fulfillment of the divine plan for humanity. Its activities promote recognition and practice of the spiritual principles for ascension.


Through the Light Festivals, Rituals and services we provide the tools and instruments that awakening people need to take the next step in their evolution, unfold their divine potential and shine their divine light.


  Allow yourself...

     to this unic experience...

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