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The Gaya – Syrius School of Light was  created in the image and likeness of the University of the Great White Brotherhood of Syrius,

which is the Spiritual Capital of our Universe.


Gaya – Syrius School of Light is enlightened by God/Goddess, Metatron, Cosmic and Planetary Hierarchy of the Ascended Masters, Lady Gaya, Lady Shasta, Sacred Lineage, Archangels, Angels and  Holy Light Elohins and Christic Extraterrestrials!  


On the Earth plane, the Gaya – Syrius School of Light is run by the Masters of Synthesis Ashram, Gaya Ashram, Lord Maytrea, Sananda, Djwhal Kuhl, Harinah and Master Joanita.  


Gaya – Syrius School of Light is an expansion of the former I Am University – UNI I AM. On the physical plane, the former UNI I AM was managed by Dr Joshua David Stone, with the help of the Masters professors at the University.


After Dr Stone's passage to the spiritual plane, UNI I AM was divided into world sectors, leaving the responsibility of each continent to specific Masters.  


As of 2009, the administration of UNI I AM also started to count on the assistance

of the Masters of the Gaya Ashram / 9th Ray of Light.


Since 2021, the former I Am University has been supported and directed by Lord Syrius, which has led to the development

and consolidation of the structure of the Gaya-Syrius School of Light. And with its merger with the Gaya Ashram, the Gaya-Syrius School of Light expands not only into ascension work, but also into integration in the physical and daily life of the student.


Therefore, Gaya – Syrius School of Light has a structure that integrates 3 schools / structures (UNI I AM, University of Syrius and Asham of Gaya) in just one, unifying the higher planes of Syrius to the lower planes of Gaya – Terra, with the aim of delving even further into the students’ ascension process, where the Masters teach to live in Gaya

in a superior and ascending way, like life in Syrius.


Gaya-Syrius School of Light is much more than a University, but a true School of Life of Light in Gaya!  


The mission of Gaya – Syrius School of Light, internally and externally, is to help in the training of souls incarnated on Earth, within the Complete and Integrated Prismatic and Synthetic Spectrum of Being. It is to enable the student to have access to the higher planes to carry out classes and ascension work, allowing an increase in the light quantum and light quotient of the same.


At the same time, it is important to somehow bring this quantum of light received in the form of consciousness to be integrated into the student's daily life and used in their daily and daily life plan.


To have access to this School on the inner plane, a person must be enrolled in it on the physical plane.


The enrolled student is taken to Gaya – Syrius School of Light every night, during sleep, for a period of 1 to 3 hours

(depending on the person's ascension level), to the temples of light, healing halls, study halls from the School to receive

light energies and information that aim to increase the student's quantum of light and consciousness,

helping your ascension and evolution process on the physical plane.

In addition, students receive, monthly, an explanatory booklet about the current moment, with information on which energies are being worked on during that month and suggestions on how to better anchor and integrate such energies.  


In this booklet, students also receive a monthly work (with several possibilities of schedules) to be carried out at a distance, with the objective of helping to bring to consciousness and to the physical plane, everything that is being received on the inner planes.


In this year 2022, students will also receive a Session to go to an Ascension Bank to accelerate the ascension process.


It is also part of the purpose of Gaya – Syrius School of Light to unite all religions, spiritual paths, mystery schools, sacred teachings, etc, unifying and synthesizing all available knowledge, and making it possible in a simple way for all those who wish.

This is a true Light Synthesis School in Gaya!


Anyone and everyone is invited to join Gaya – Syrius School of Light, regardless of their level of initiation, spiritual knowledge,

training, etc., as there are various types of specific training programs.  


In addition to enrolling at Gaya – Syrius School of Light, the student has the possibility to study all the materials that are

available on the physical plane of the School.


This is a great opportunity for light and ascension!

For more information about Gaya-Syrius School of Light and enrollment, contact us at

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