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He is a spiritual leader, holistic therapist, teacher and healer.

He has mastership in many healing and therapy techniques, such as: Reiki, Seichim, Sacred Geometry, Rebirth, among others.

He has co-created many healing techniques, and 

is in charge of Gaya’s Ashram and spiritual planetary leadership.

  • Specialized in ascension, healing and ascensional magic;

  • Ascension workshops Facilitator for the Melchizedek Synthesis Light Academy;

  • Licensed in Transactional Analysis;

  • Licensed in Bioenergetic Analysis;

  • Co-Founder of the Ascensional Magic and Alchemy teachings;

  • Traditional Reiki Usui master with Phillys Lei Furumoto;

  • Teramai Reiki master with Kathleen Milner – USA;

  • Teramai Seichem master with Kathleen Milner – USA;

  • Karuna Reiki master by The International Center of Reiki Training Michigan – USA;

  • Founder of Integrated/Synthesis Reiki;

  • Seichim, SSR, Isis Seichim, Sekhem master 

  • Licensed in Merkabah;

  • Trained by  Shalanda Má – master trained by Sai Baba;

  • Trained in Higher technics for ascension;

  • Ascension workshops facilitator;

  • Spiritual Festivals of light and Gaya Rituals facilitator master;

  • Founder of many ascensional and healing systems;

  • Co-Founder and master of Sacred Lineage coven

  • Other graduations: Cristal, Floral, Aromatherapy, Geobiology, Radiesthesis, Rebirth, Sacred geometry, among others.

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